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If you have wandered your way onto this site, then allow me to extend my salutations,  fellow travelers. There is no ‘About’ page on this blog, so I will make this brief.

My name is Peter Dawes and I am an urban fantasy writer. Well, most of the time, I am. Other times, I dabble in historical fantasy and on occasion, I succumb to the urge to pen paranormal romance and erotica. If you wish to know more about me as an individual, then navigate over to my personal blog and read the ‘About Me’ page there. The important part to know as far as this blog is concerned is as such…

I revel in sharing the bits and pieces of my works in progress. While some people are accomplished bloggers, I am a storyteller and convey my viewpoints on the world through the confines of prose. Every now and then, a topic gets me incensed enough to spit out a tirade, but more often than not, I am content to keep my commentary between my partner and me, and our close circle of friends. My personal blog is for those rare indulgences when the writer wishes to speak directly. This is a story blog for everything else.

Now, the stories here are largely unedited. Anything I post here is purely for public consumption and enjoyment and while there might come a day a story disappears (when it is ready for formal editing and publication), I do this simply because I enjoy the experience of sharing my work. All writers are, in some part, narcissists, and I suffer from the handicap of writing stories and getting discouraged at how long it will take for me to share them. So, consider this my private playground.

(In other words, this should be a lively place during NaNoWriMo. 😉 )

As such, the only thing I ask is to be respectful. I appreciate feedback and criticisms, but keep them constructive. I shall update the works here as time and publishing schedule permits, but if I am slow to update something you have become attached to, let me know. It will light a fire under my feet to continue.

Some of the works on here contain spoilers if you read The Vampire Flynn Series. I will mark their project page accordingly to warn you, as well as the individual posts for those of you who sign up for email updates. If you have wandered onto this blog and are unfamiliar with my published work, click the link for the Flynn series and it shall take you to the series portal page.

Thank you for visiting,

Peter W. Dawes

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